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Why us?

The Brief

It all starts with a brief. A call. An idea. This is the part where you tell us what you have in mind. This could be a dream destination or a list of things you'd like to do. We'll ask you probing questions to understand your needs better and we'll guide you every step of the way. So call us, write to us, enquire online, maybe even meet us for coffee or whatever works for you.

No strings attached.

Image by Shabiba Amin

The Creative Bit

This is where we add the color as we turn your brief into options. With our well-travelled team and in-house tour operators, we'll work up a creative, innovative and enviable portfolio of ideas and present them to you to mull over. Then we can tweak them. We can combine them. We can do whatever you want with them.

Image by Ben Chobot


There's always a fair amount of logistics involved with travel planning & arrangements, to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

Thankfully, we love this sort of thing and we are experts in it too, having seamlessly managed many personal and corporate trips. So leave us to run around in the background, contactable at all times. Personalized service to every single customer is our mantra.

Your Trip

This is the time when you'll experience the difference. Whether you're riding the waves or jumping for a skydive, this will be the money-can't-buy experience you hoped for. And we'll be there, on hand 24/7, to make sure it's perfect.

We love it when a plan comes together.

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